Free transportation: Be aware of persons offering you free rides to your hotel when you arrive to the airport in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa. They want something from you in return.

Tips: On arrival at Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International airport you will find porters that will assist you with your luggage. Recommended 2 USD per bag.

If you take a private taxi. Tip according to the service from 1 USD to 5 USD leave 15 percent of the total bill at restaurants. Maid service tips according to the quality of their service, 2 or 5 USD per day average.

Local transportation: Taxis in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa are very recommendable, efficient and inexpensive; taxis and vans are available from the airport to all hotels at reasonable rates. All prices are fixed for taxis and are posted at the airport and hotels.

Health and water: Tourists arriving to Zihuatanejo need to be careful on drinking and overdoing exercise for the first day. At the second day you will be more adapted to the meat and humidity and you can party, eat, drink and be happy.

Take precautions with drinking water, things uncooked with water in them, or things washed in water and uncooked. At la perla restaurant we use drops of antibactericide Microdyn and blenching techniques to have all our veggies disinfected.

I recommend drinking water from bottles sealed or purified water by glass from 5 gallons bottles available at most places.

Tap water, ice and unpasteurized milk and dairy products may be associated with increased risk of tourist’s diarrhea (Montezuma revenge). The place food is prepared appears to be an important variable.

I would like to remind foreign visitors to wash their hands after bathroom breaks and eating anything.

Health, Physicians and Hospitals: Regarding medical care and ambulance services check with your insurance carrier what, if any medical or transportation services will be covered while your staying in Zihuatanejo-Mexico.

There are very fine specialists and physicians in Zihuatanejo. There is a medical offices complex containing more than 20 physicians and specialists of all types located above Farmacia Coyuca in town. Also you will find them at the Hospital de especialidades de Zihuatanejo at the colonia el Hujal.

For those foreigners with limited Spanish I recommend Dr. Rogelio Grayeb fluent in English. He is an excellent doctor available 24 hours.

The rates for a medical consultation go from 20 USD to 40 USD in normal business hours.

The best pharmacies are Farmacia del ISSSTE and Farmapronto. They have the latesy information on drugs.

Sunburn: Even if the sky is overcast the sun’s rays still penetrate. Do not expose your skin to long periods of sun. A gentle breeze may appear to lessen the heat, but within a short period of time, you could get a severe burn which is not only uncomfortable, but also possibly dangerous. Enjoy the sun, but in moderation, and for added protection, please wear a hat and sunscreen.

How and where to buy?

There are 2 types of vendors. The ones doing business by trolling streets and beaches which in Zihuatanejo is illegal. The hygienic and quality control is minimum for their products. Their prices are hard to say; sometimes good, most of are very expensive. The second’s are the vendors well stablished. Zihuatanejo have a very beautiful shopping area including a flea tourist market, the Mercado central and the new one’s Bodega Aurrera associated to wall-mart and Comercial Mexicana associated to cosco.

If you are buying services please make sure to have references from the person or company you are doing business.

If you have problems with your purchases: products or services, please report to:


PROFECO: Federal Consumer Protection Agency
Phone: 554 52 36
Tourist profeco: 554 20 07
Tourist Department: 553 19 68



Location: Zihuatanejo is located on Mexico’s Pacific’s coast also known as The Mexican Riviera Southwest of Mexico city and 150 miles up the coast (northwest) from Acapulco in the state of Guerrero.

Climate: In my opinion weather is perfect all year around. In summer time more humid but the constant breeze make the temperature to cool down a lot. Average annual temperature is almost 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer temperature highs average in the low 90s, with nighttime lows in the high 70’s. Winter highs reach the upper 80’s and lows in the low 70’s, with balmy breezes year-round. During raining season, mid June through September, showers are usually brief and come at night.

Seasons: November through April is considered generally pear season.

Currency: The Mexican peso; check rate of exchange with USD dollar or Canadian dollar.

Money: Your personal checks are not accepted; the travelers checks, credit cards, visa, master card and American express are accepted only in well stablished business but still very common to find places and services you have to pay cash.

The ATM’S machines in Zihuatanejo give you an excellent rate but only on limited amount of money per day. Average 200 to 300 USD per day.


Time zone: Same us U.S. central time change of time is observed for saving energy.

What to wear: Casual clothing-cotton or linen-is recommended all reay-round. Hats should be worn in the day time for protection from the sun.

Immigration: Proof of citizenship is needed to enter Mexico, such as a current passport or original birth certificate (or certified copy). Visitors are given a free Mexican tourist card and customs declaration form. Immigration officer will give passenger copy, which must be retained for departure.

Before leaving to Zihuatanejo airport: We recommend checking your departure flight and transfer times.

If you need to request a special seat or require special assistance because of a medical requirement. We will do our best to assist you with the airline. But your request can not be guaranteed.

To avoid any problems please take a sure taxi requesting one to the concierge of the hotel or from us at Don Francisco properties. Try to avoid large or heavy carry on luggage. The flight crew might insist that your bag be placed below.

In your carry-on bag, you should pack: airline tickets, passports, your children birth certificates, the Mexican tourist card you filled out when arriving, any medication you may need during the flight and your last Mexican pesos for a drink at the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa airport.

Other services:
Contact: Don Francisco Properties

Baby sitters; we have experienced ladies English-Spanish that will take care of your children.

Cheff and cooks: Jan Pascale former cheff at casa que canta hotel offer his catering services, for private villas or for any event. In our team we have several cooks (all types of food since Mexican, local, international, contemporary).

Drivers: English-Spanish speaking drivers well experienced with excellent knowledge of the area.




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